Our Drinks

Our Drinks

With any pub, ‘beer’ is one the first words that springs to mind. We have an excellent choice of draught lagers and bitters – typically there are about a dozen to choose from – including several popular locally-brewed ales. Our bottled range has been sourced from a far wider area to provide you with a truly metropolitan selection. Our range of spirits – and especially gins – is just as extensive and we think we’ve thought of all the mixers you’re likely to require. As for our wine cellar, this ranges from carefully chosen house wines right up to some serious and sumptuous treats perfect for that special occasion or celebration. We’ve also got an ever-increasing selection of soft drinks including alcohol-free beers.

At the Great Shefford, we also take very seriously something that some pubs tend to neglect –teas and coffees. From organic herbal infusions to freshly-ground barista-style Americanos, we can provide the best that you’d expect, all served at any time of day.

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Newbury Rd, Great Shefford, RG17 7DS, United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 1488 648462

Email info@thegreatshefford.com

Opening hours

We are open seven days a week, from morning through to late evening, serving lunch and dinner plus the simple food offerings as bar snacks and sandwiches.