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The team working at the Great Shefford is a diverse mix of energetic up-and-comers and others with many years of experience in the hospitality field. The team is well aware of all the demands and challenges of running a pub efficiently. Our experience at working as a unit is vital when it comes to meeting and exceeding your expectations. If ever you feel we’ve fallen below the high standards we’ve set ourselves, don’t hesitate to let us know – preferably at the time – and we’ll do our best to have you singing our praises again.

We value what we provide. It is a driving force for the team at the Great Shefford. Our unstinting efforts are devoted to providing customers with the best possible experience.

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Joshua Khan

Joshua Khan - (Executive Director)

Georgiana Caras

Georgianna Caras - (Director)

Sam Cary

Sam Cary - (Head Chef)

Jonny Dillon

Jonny Dillon - (General Manager )

Ditte Wikke

Ditte Wikke - (Deputy Manager)
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Newbury Rd, Great Shefford, RG17 7DS, United Kingdom

Phone:  +44 1488 648462

Email info@thegreatshefford.com

Opening hours

We are open seven days a week, from morning through to late evening, serving lunch and dinner plus the simple food offerings as bar snacks and sandwiches.